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Our House

in the middle of the street…


Welcome !

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Welcome to Our House !

Here is a collection of pictures showcasing the step by step conversion of our house.

You can also find floor plans and all the “before” pictures, our research, experiences with different designers and many more.

We hope you’ll enjoy the following pages as we unfold our journey of creating our new home sweet home!


Basil Coffee, anyone?? :)

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Our first Basil plant has died and we decided to get a 2nd one.

This time, we spotted a big coffee cup pot and couldn’t resist getting it :)

Basil Coffee


Masterbed Room

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Took these in March, but had no time to put it up online.

We have black glass as our wardrobe, red feature wall (to be completed with our framed pics later), and white bed frame with a black headboard..

This is still a “under construction” room but it should be done by the time our wedding pictures are ready :)


Guest Room (Bedroom 2)

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Our house sees 2 guests today.

Steph came over for our highly illegal photo shoot. And I brought along the birdcage for it. Am so excited to see how it looks like in the pics… only regret didn’t get to use the candelabra in the balcony.  Oh well ..  I’m just glad I managed to tidy up the 2nd bedroom in time for the shoot. It was packed with lots of stuffs from Perdana and was quite unsightly :)

Our 2nd guest is from Singapore.

E came over for a night as he had interview tomorrow. So since we’ll be having 2 guests, I decided to setup a new look for the bedroom and here’s how it looks like

Used for our highly illegal photoshoot with Steph, will be used for wedding money box too

somehow it looks greenish in here.. supposed to be brown

Selection of magazines on the side to keep guest(s) occupied

Curtains tied up in center


Updated Balcony & Living Rm Carpet

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More Pictures …

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I’m obsessed.. bear with me as I post more pics of our new home 😀

Lighting in Dining Ceiling

Ceiling for Guest Bedroom

Guest room

Guest room (with curtains)

Full length mirror on the left and kitchen cabinets, nice hidden light on kitchen ceiling

Under cabinet lighting for kitchen

Living Room ( to be completed with carpet )


Uncle Heng

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It’s beauuuuuutiful, I tell ya !!!

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After my darling kept raving over how nice our house is after the renovation, I couldn’t resist it anymore and begged him to let me go over to see the place.

It was already close to finishing by the time I got there and when I stepped in for the very first time, my mind couldn’t process the place at all. I’ve seen the pictures, but still… standing there and seeing how all our ideas had transformed the space, I suddenly couldn’t remember how the place used to look like before the whole renovation. It looks entirely like a new place with a familiar old feeling, but yet … it feels like a totally new place instead… I just dunno how to describe it..

I was completely overawed … til I forgot to tell him that I looooove the foyer hanging lamp he chose! There was so much I wanted to say but I was just completely speechless…

On hindsight, I guess what I wanted to say right then was … It has been an amazing experience, my dear. Thank you for the leap of faith in trusting me with the design and going along with it. It couldn’t have happened without all your hard work running around, sourcing for the lights, switches, tap, soap dispensers and, at the same time, updating me with all the seemingly useless intricate details (including the darrrrn switch below the master bathroom cabinet.. lol).

And most amazing of all, thank you for having so much patience in going thru the vendors just to find the right kind of design for all those little items that seem so trivial but mattered a lot … the aire guard, entrance foyer lamp, clipsal switches, wet kitchen tap, square down lights and many more … are all results of your hard work in finding them and putting them together. Without that, they’ll just be a figment of our imagination.


TV Console area - Plaster Ceiling, lightings, TV Cabinet & a Fresh coat of paint

Bdrm Foyer area - Spotlight accentuates my MAN U oil painting (with our names) for my darling

Dining, Hidden Toilet Door & Entrance Foyer (Even much nicer when lights are turned on)


Bedroom 2 - Mainly a guest room, so it was painted a neutral color palette with warm lighting

Beams were a problem in every corner of this condo


cabinets from developer, we added practical solutions to counter lack of space


Floating mirror cabinet (ignore the red color thats being reflected from masterbed room)

Hidden Toilet Roll Holder

Hidden Tissue Dispenser, Electrical point and Light switch

Other features


It’s almost done… This is a show case of our lighting… AWESOME I tell you


My poor 12p

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Yap made another boo boo today.. small one.. he thought the sink would be able to suit a tap and a soap dispenser, but obviously, it can’t … so now we might either find another sink, or just live with the current sink.. of which, it’ll save us some $$$ as well… yippie!

But my poor darling has to run around looking for sinks again … dunno wat i’ll do without him doing all the hard work … thank u darling.. for all your effort in working towards a wonderful home for us…  i luv u lots!


DIY : Salt & Pepper

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Interesting Salt & Pepper Shaker