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Like women’s make up, the foundation is the most important of them all. Here’s the condo’s foundation.

Be shocked by the Bedroom wall, and the sexy switch.

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So far my favourite progress update report. Our house actually starting to look like what we want it to be. Awesome!!!!

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Aptly, the condo is facing its frog to prince phase.  It’s smooth white skin is being badgered with holes and trunking for electricity and lighting points.  After the transformation, it’s expected to shine.  Photo documentation for the works so far.


Last of the HomeDecs for 2009, this show was themed My Kitchen.  The first thing you’ll notice when you enter through Hall 1 is a Diarrhoea of exhibitors featuring Kitchen Cabinets and Wardrobes.  No offence to them, but when you already know all our competitors from across the states are coming, you’d want your booth to stand out at least.  But none, not a single one of them featured anything new.  It was just booths and booths of same old same old boring stuff. They had a forum to discuss Malaysia kitchen design future, and I can safely say it is going nowhere or going down the drain.  The one thing unique that some of them brought out was Aluminium carcass kitchen cabinets.  Looks interesting, but should be more costly than wood carcass. They only useful thing I got out of this HomeDec is this brochure.  The Panasonic Inverter Vegerator Fridge.

Panasonic Inverter Vegerator (Large)

Panasonic Inverter Vegerator 2 (Large)

I have attached the 2 most important pages of their brochures for you.  Am quite adamant, this will be the fridge we will get in the end.  The second good thing I got from this exhibition is the price TBM sold this fridge (NR-BW414XN in Rose Stainless colour) RM1850.  Slightly pricey, but should be worth it for the inverter technology and 5-star energy saving.

Both of us buy lots of books.  Mine are fiction, non-fiction and a bit of everything.  Hers are cook books, motivational books and seriously non-fiction books.

So it’s only appropriate that we would like to have a bookshelf as one of the centre piece of our living room.  Honestly, the ones we saw locally have been pure boring.  Check some of the designs we have short-listed and hope to find a good woodworks house to custom make for us.

This is a simple non symmetry space book shelf.  Simple and elegant.


Certainly a design worthy of a centre piece.  Why oh Y???

Y Shelf

Cactus Inspired shelf…


Simple yet elegant.  Do we have a corner for it?


Stay tuned to see what we decide on.  With our fickle minded-ness, it might look like nothing we have shown.


Domino Coffee Table

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Coffee table as your talking point or eye catcher of your house?  This will definitely be a conversation starter.

It is the Domino Table from SSID.



The design and elegance of the finishing is really good.  Each piece is hand crafted and custom made.  Price is not going to be cheap of course.