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Basil Coffee, anyone?? :)

Posted by Tutu under Balcony, Interior Design

Our first Basil plant has died and we decided to get a 2nd one.

This time, we spotted a big coffee cup pot and couldn’t resist getting it :)

Basil Coffee


Bird Cage !!!

Ever seen those beautiful converted hanging lamps from traditional birdcages?? I’ve spotted some white metal ones and it cost RM$280 !!! I thought that was too pricey so had to kiss it good bye.. and ever since then, I’ve been searching almost everywhere for it.. even been to Sungei Road, in Singapore.. and saw it at SGD$180 each !!! waaaaayyy too expensive for a hanging light for the balcony if you ask me…
So I started scooting in Cash Converters in Singapore and Malaysia. To my surprise, I finally found it !!! It was originally priced at RM69 and we negotiated to RM65 !! Tupid was surprised that it can be negotiated… but I’ve always liked to challenge the price tag, so it was always fun for me to just try :)

We also saw another beautiful candle/cake display rack. Another beautiful cast iron piece that I couldn’t resist and negotiated it from RM59 to RM55… It was apparently from a shop that has closed down and sold their goods to Cash Converters. And the candle/cake display rack still had its old price tag on it at a whooping price of RM$269 !! I’m not entirely surprised by the price tag as I know that’s the usual price for such good heavy weighted metal pieces.. (especially after seeing the white metal birdcage at RM$280 previously).

BirthKaige 02

BirthKaige 03

BirthKaige 04

BirthKaige 11