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Both of us buy lots of books.  Mine are fiction, non-fiction and a bit of everything.  Hers are cook books, motivational books and seriously non-fiction books.

So it’s only appropriate that we would like to have a bookshelf as one of the centre piece of our living room.  Honestly, the ones we saw locally have been pure boring.  Check some of the designs we have short-listed and hope to find a good woodworks house to custom make for us.

This is a simple non symmetry space book shelf.  Simple and elegant.


Certainly a design worthy of a centre piece.  Why oh Y???

Y Shelf

Cactus Inspired shelf…


Simple yet elegant.  Do we have a corner for it?


Stay tuned to see what we decide on.  With our fickle minded-ness, it might look like nothing we have shown.


Domino Coffee Table

Posted by Tupid under Interior Design, Living Room

Coffee table as your talking point or eye catcher of your house?  This will definitely be a conversation starter.

It is the Domino Table from SSID.



The design and elegance of the finishing is really good.  Each piece is hand crafted and custom made.  Price is not going to be cheap of course.


Master Bedroom wardrobe highlight

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We’ve finally booked our Master bedroom.

The doors are gonna be full black glass (3 panels), and full mirror (2 panels)

We haven’t discussed the final details with Mr Qian Ba Liao yet, but this is something I was thinking of incorporating into the black panels section.

passion wardrobe


Above : Black glass panels with display feature


Above : White glass panels with display feature

floor design

Above: this is an all black version



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The Balcony is a small area that overlooks KLCC, Menara KL… According to our agent, she claimed that during new year, you can see the fireworks from the balcony…

Unlike some owners who eventually uses the balcony as a place to hang laundry. I have a strict no laundry hanging in my balcony policy. Dressing up the balcony is important to me as it extends the visual vibes outwards when you are seated in the living room.

This is how the present balcony looks like


So here are bits & pieces that will make up my balcony.


For the floor area, it’s a toss between a more organic, natural layout of stones versus a more structured layout of tiles.

Balcony Floor 1

Above: Organic Natural layout of Stones

Structured Tiled Floor

Above : Structured Tiled Layout


My balcony hosts 2 aircon compressors and a pipe. In order to distract away from the mess, I intend to put up a white framed trellis with a nice bird cage that also functions as a light.

Balcony Top

Above : Balcony top houses 2 air con compressors and a small pipe at the corner

Ceiling Frame and Birdcage1

Above: White frame to be mounted just below the air con compressors and a featured lamp in a birdcage.

More Birdcage designs below


Birdcage lamps


Only challenge that I face right now, is to find an unused bird cage so that I can recycle and convert into a hanging lamp. I prefer to reuse and recycle old stuffs breathing new life to it.

Other Accessories

cheap burn torches

Above : Jusco Home Centre Small Fire Torches, only @ rm$3.90 !

Hanging Chair and colored lamps

Above: Charms Restaurant in One Utama. Beautiful colored lanterns and birdcage with dark colored hanging chairs nestled against the white framed backdrop made this an absolute charmer :)


Above: A hanging single chair can be quite dainty in a small balcony. Bamboo blinds give the extra rustic effect.


Idea – Living Room Book Shelf

Posted by Tupid under Interior Design

I always wanted to have a book shelf in my house.  The run of the mill ordinary book shelves never really excites me.  But the 2 ideas below would make it into our new house!!

Straight or Crooked

Your Eyes Playing Tricks

Funky Monkey Book Shelf

Funky Monkey Book Shelf


Master Bedroom Wardrobe

Posted by Tutu under Interior Design

Our masterbed room has a tiny (no pun intended) problem. There is no good space to fit in a decent wardrobe.

If we have it behind the master bedroom door, it will be a nice L shaped wardrobe. However, because of the limited 53cm depth, we can’t have hangers AND doors in the wardrobe on the side where the wall is attached to living room.. only possible to have shelves/drawers (with doors) or if we have hangers, the wardrobe doors have to go. The only area that can fit in hangers with wardrobe doors would be the area facing the door.


We’ve explored sliding doors, but those need more than 53cm width for hangers and tracks. Casement doors ( your typical open/close doors) has the same problem of not enough width after fitting in the clothes rack for hangers.

In one of our earlier discussions, we were exploring having an open concept like what you see in Ximula.


However, I am totally allergic to having open shelves.. they’re the best candidate to collect dust. And I really wouldn’t like to spend my days wiping dust off my clothes, towels, etc.

To top it off, it’s not entirely visually appealing as I don’t wear all white/black shirts (as seen in the pic above).. If you open your wardrobe and look in, you’ll see all sorts of colored clothes (of different lengths, thickness,etc ) hanging in your wardrobe. Now imagine them on the Ximula open concept wardrobe, you’ll know it will not look as nice and neat (unlike what they depict in showrooms).

Going forward with the doors, we’ll just do all shelves/drawers on one side, and the other would be all hangers :)


As for the final finishing of doors, probably something that looks like this…




We were in Malacca on 15th August to meet up with my mum and we decided to roam around the furniture shops in Malacca to see if we can spot any good deals. So we chanced upon this shop with the huge “SALE” and spotted this new replicate of old marble console tables. It was going at around rm$450 with 2 chairs. Love the table, but unsure what to do with the 2 chairs.. hmm..

New Piece

The following day, we had some time to kill and decided to take a walk in Jonker area before going back to KL.

At one of the back alleys, we found an antique/junk shop that sells real cool stuffs…

Spotted this really neat but forgotten console table and bargained it from RM$280 to $220. It was all covered with dust but we fell in love with the side carvings and the little marble inserts on the side frames. And the shelves were not all on the same level, unlike the earlier replicate we saw. It was absolutely beautiful and definitely an antique for sure.

Here you can see my dearie cleaning it up after we lugged it back to PJ 😀

marble table



Bought – Table Lamps

Posted by Tutu under Accessories

We were shopping in Kallang Leisure park few months back and we couldn’t resist snapping these lamps up. There were going at SGD$24 each AND it was buy 3 get 1 free !! WOOOOT !!!


This will be used in living room, either as a console table piece, or side table next to our sofa.

Notice the smaller black table lamb at the background (sitting on a red painted box), that will be used in Bedroom 2 (aka guest room). It is a cool little fella with no on/off switch, just touch any part of the metallic base and it will be switched on. To top it off, there are 3 variations for you to choose from, Dim / Slightly brighter / Bright !

I believe our guest(s) will be thrilled to have a little fun gadget in their room.. I know we would.. especially my dearie who gets so ecstatic (like a little boy) whenever he sees fun gadgets. hehehe !

MasterBed Lamp

Note: The lamp shade was not arranged properly when this photo is taken.

This was chosen as it is a “hotel-like” design. Although we haven’t got our house yet, but I would assume the master bedroom would be more cosy and among some of the “hotel-like” designs, dearie chose this as there is dimmer switch attached to it. Hmmm… I wonder why we need to dim the lights… 😛


Bed Room 2

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Being the most under-utilised room in the entire apartment, we have decided to just plonk in some real cheap but decent looking furniture (with lushy poshy carpet of course) as a solution to furnishing our Bedroom 2.

bedroom2- cavenzi

Priced at only RM$239 from Cavenzi

But wait ….

Every girl’s dream.. a poster bed !!! And it’s only RM$399 !!!

bedroom2- cavenzi1


Nice Toilet

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I have a soft spot for antique looking designs. So I couldn’t resist clicking these pictures when I visited one of the restaurant/pub in town. Apologies for the bad lighting as the place is pretty dark.

Toilet Door

Antique looking toilet door!!

Ladies Sign

Ladies First


Gents – It’s shorter than you think 😛

Locking Mechanism

Cool locking mechanism !!

Washing area

Washing Area