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Cool hacks…

Posted by Tutu under Hacks, Interior Design

Spice up the Perdana Coffee Table

Posted by Tutu under Hacks, Interior Design

This is a great idea to spice up the ugly looking Perdana Coffee Table



step5 closeup


Cool Remote Control Switches

Posted by Tutu under Hacks, Interior Design

Hokay…. I’m not the most intuitive person when it comes to electronics.. but I’ve read somewhere that this stuff can allow you to remote control lights, etc … ( almost as cool as a clapper )

The PHR03 Operates 16 modules via RF & powerline transmission. The hand held remote sends an RF signal to the base transceiver, which in turn converts the signal onto the powerline. The Transceiver Module works in conjunction with a handheld wireless remote controller such as the X-10 PRO 16-Plus Remote (PHRO2 or PHRO3) to control lights and appliances from up to loft away, even through walls. As well as its built-in switched outlet, the Transceiver Module controls up to 15 additional X-10 modules via the powerline. The transceiver Module can also be controlled by other X-10 powerline controllers such as the X-10 PRO Mini Controller (PHC01).



OMG Trainspotting !!!

Posted by Tutu under Hacks, Interior Design

Among some of the whacky ideas you can find in Ikea hack site.. this has gotta be the coolest !!! …

It is a modified dining table… perhaps I can do this too eh??? And I’m not even a fan of model trains !!






Ikea Fan

Posted by Tutu under Interior Design

I’ve been a fan of Ikea for a long time.

The common misconception is that Ikea products do not last.  Being a fan, of course, many would say that I’m biased to defend that statement. But my experience with Ikea products, is that they DO last.. as long as you don’t be a cheapskate to buy the featured dirt cheap bookshelf that they splash all over the posters … they usually have a couple of items that is specially designed with really cheap materials to offer as bait on the advertisements… yes.. a Billy bookshelf usually cost $99… so if you see an ad with a $49 ABC bookshelf, don’t bother to buy it.. unless you dun intend to use it for more than 6 months..

The usual long shelf life items (yes, those series that has been there for the past 1o years ) are the ones that actually do last … I’m serious.. my 2 door PAX wardrobe (with 2 mirror doors) is now 11 years old.. and last year, when I decided that I need a bigger wardrobe.. all I had to do is just add another PAX wardrobe (with 2 mirror doors) right next to it.. And presto.. I get a 4 door mirror door wardrobe.. at less than $500 just because I can add on, rather than toss away the 2 door wardrobe to get a new 4 door. And if you look around, a new 4 door MIRROR door wardrobe is easily 1.8k – 3k for a decent one.

Anywayz. I was reading one of my favourite sites… and found this interesting way to do a really nice floating TV console.. elegant looking too.. imagine that …



Beds beds beds !!!

Posted by Tutu under Interior Design

Our masterbed room customised bed frame and side tables are gonna cost us rm$2.5k

We aren’t sure if that’s worth paying for … our wardrobe already cost us RM$4.2k because of the expensive black mirror doors.. it’s very elegant looking..

Moreover, I am not very sure our contractor can do very good finishing kinda wood work … I think it’s just the typical woodwork quality you get… not those with nice glossy finishing, etc …

So, the alternative is to look for ready made beds.. at least we’re able to shop for cheaper alternatives, and the design is all done and ready.. no need to second guess if it’ll turn out nice

Here’s some potential ones I’ve found from the internet



Side view of the Ikea Malm bed.. the drawers on each sides can be slid out and tucked in


The Black Brown version.. for the uniform theme in the master bedroom

malm black brown

malm black brown headboard


Positioning of Wall Stickers

Posted by Tutu under Interior Design

Okies.. here it is..

The Wall stickers I’m choosing and their position in the house…

TV Console



Sofa Wall


This is the chosen Sofa… selected because of the following reasons

a) Cheap (RM$1.4k)
b) Fully Washable covers
c) Very Comfortable
d) Very good looking … looks like something thats in the range of RM$3-5k)


There’s 2 designs to choose from. One is black/white, the other has some colors..







Bedroom Entrance




Master Bathroom Cabinet

Posted by Tutu under Interior Design

Just had a thought.. since we gonna have custom made Master Bathroom Cabinet, I would like the carpenter to cut a tissue dispensing hole at the bottom …

we can do a built in the tissue box (inverted) in the cabinet.. so that the tissue paper dispenses downwards..  and with the hole.. can dispense the tissue out


An example can be found here

However, instead of dispensing heavy weighted paper towels, we will load in a box of tissue paper instead of dispensing.


This is how it looks on the outside

Internally, this cabinet hides the paper towels.. but for residential usage, I’ll rather it be containing a box of tissue (inverted) so it can dispense tissue paper.


Nice commercial toilet accessories

Other reference sites:


Creative Cost Cutting Measures

Posted by Tutu under Interior Design

Bearing in mind that we have the following to come from 1 budget…

– 3 weddings

– 1 apartment purchase & renovation

– 1 honeymoon ( hopefully if we have enough budget left after everything )

Everything has to be done on a budget …

So, instead of building a feature wall for TV Console, we will be getting our contractor to do a floating TV cabinet for us. And to highlight the wall, I shall explore Wall Stickers.

These fancy stuffs has been around for a while, but they have gotten bolder, brighter and bigger !!! Having seen how they work in Sandrine’s home and other reno books, I’m quite ready to embrace them into my new home.

Here are some of the examples I’ve seen.
This might work for TV console wall …



It comes unassembled like below, and require self assembly.. Something I believe wouldn’t be too tough..

More importantly, I think it allows me to inject a bit of my personality in the apartment.

For example, I quite like the kitten design in here… It might work for the area between the entrances of the 2 bedrooms…





This could probably go into the balcony area … where I’ll have a real bird cage lamp there too…



Or maybe this one at the right side of the wall …


Other sites


Light My FIRE!!

Posted by Tupid under Interior Design

Finally, I think we’ve found the lights to light up our house.  This downlight will light up our house throughout.  We are nitpicky people, so this is absolutely pure luck that we found something we both like just before confirming our renovation plans.

Moral of the story, look for lights at light shops near your current house.  You never know what you gonna find.

DOwnlight Choice