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The Balcony is a small area that overlooks KLCC, Menara KL… According to our agent, she claimed that during new year, you can see the fireworks from the balcony…

Unlike some owners who eventually uses the balcony as a place to hang laundry. I have a strict no laundry hanging in my balcony policy. Dressing up the balcony is important to me as it extends the visual vibes outwards when you are seated in the living room.

This is how the present balcony looks like


So here are bits & pieces that will make up my balcony.


For the floor area, it’s a toss between a more organic, natural layout of stones versus a more structured layout of tiles.

Balcony Floor 1

Above: Organic Natural layout of Stones

Structured Tiled Floor

Above : Structured Tiled Layout


My balcony hosts 2 aircon compressors and a pipe. In order to distract away from the mess, I intend to put up a white framed trellis with a nice bird cage that also functions as a light.

Balcony Top

Above : Balcony top houses 2 air con compressors and a small pipe at the corner

Ceiling Frame and Birdcage1

Above: White frame to be mounted just below the air con compressors and a featured lamp in a birdcage.

More Birdcage designs below


Birdcage lamps


Only challenge that I face right now, is to find an unused bird cage so that I can recycle and convert into a hanging lamp. I prefer to reuse and recycle old stuffs breathing new life to it.

Other Accessories

cheap burn torches

Above : Jusco Home Centre Small Fire Torches, only @ rm$3.90 !

Hanging Chair and colored lamps

Above: Charms Restaurant in One Utama. Beautiful colored lanterns and birdcage with dark colored hanging chairs nestled against the white framed backdrop made this an absolute charmer :)


Above: A hanging single chair can be quite dainty in a small balcony. Bamboo blinds give the extra rustic effect.


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