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Our House

in the middle of the street…


Guest Room (Bedroom 2)

Posted by Tutu under Interior Design

Our house sees 2 guests today.

Steph came over for our highly illegal photo shoot. And I brought along the birdcage for it. Am so excited to see how it looks like in the pics… only regret didn’t get to use the candelabra in the balcony.  Oh well ..  I’m just glad I managed to tidy up the 2nd bedroom in time for the shoot. It was packed with lots of stuffs from Perdana and was quite unsightly :)

Our 2nd guest is from Singapore.

E came over for a night as he had interview tomorrow. So since we’ll be having 2 guests, I decided to setup a new look for the bedroom and here’s how it looks like

Used for our highly illegal photoshoot with Steph, will be used for wedding money box too

somehow it looks greenish in here.. supposed to be brown

Selection of magazines on the side to keep guest(s) occupied

Curtains tied up in center


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