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Bought – Table Lamps

Posted by Tutu under Accessories

We were shopping in Kallang Leisure park few months back and we couldn’t resist snapping these lamps up. There were going at SGD$24 each AND it was buy 3 get 1 free !! WOOOOT !!!


This will be used in living room, either as a console table piece, or side table next to our sofa.

Notice the smaller black table lamb at the background (sitting on a red painted box), that will be used in Bedroom 2 (aka guest room). It is a cool little fella with no on/off switch, just touch any part of the metallic base and it will be switched on. To top it off, there are 3 variations for you to choose from, Dim / Slightly brighter / Bright !

I believe our guest(s) will be thrilled to have a little fun gadget in their room.. I know we would.. especially my dearie who gets so ecstatic (like a little boy) whenever he sees fun gadgets. hehehe !

MasterBed Lamp

Note: The lamp shade was not arranged properly when this photo is taken.

This was chosen as it is a “hotel-like” design. Although we haven’t got our house yet, but I would assume the master bedroom would be more cosy and among some of the “hotel-like” designs, dearie chose this as there is dimmer switch attached to it. Hmmm… I wonder why we need to dim the lights… 😛


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