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in the middle of the street…

We were in Malacca on 15th August to meet up with my mum and we decided to roam around the furniture shops in Malacca to see if we can spot any good deals. So we chanced upon this shop with the huge “SALE” and spotted this new replicate of old marble console tables. It was going at around rm$450 with 2 chairs. Love the table, but unsure what to do with the 2 chairs.. hmm..

New Piece

The following day, we had some time to kill and decided to take a walk in Jonker area before going back to KL.

At one of the back alleys, we found an antique/junk shop that sells real cool stuffs…

Spotted this really neat but forgotten console table and bargained it from RM$280 to $220. It was all covered with dust but we fell in love with the side carvings and the little marble inserts on the side frames. And the shelves were not all on the same level, unlike the earlier replicate we saw. It was absolutely beautiful and definitely an antique for sure.

Here you can see my dearie cleaning it up after we lugged it back to PJ 😀

marble table



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