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Our House

in the middle of the street…



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Went to Queensway Shopping Centre to get the door signage done.

One more thing done :)


Color my world…

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Finally, selection of colors done

living room
feature wall: sandstone, 5079
side walls: natural cane, 8167
Master bedroom
feature wall: Spectrum Red
side walls: natural cane, 8167

Lamination and Colour Choices

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The title is self explaining.

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Frog to Prince 07 Jan 2010

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The Plaster Ceiling guys are here. Work today is all about plastering the ceiling. lol.
Cosmetic surgery for the unit has begun.

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Frog to Prince VideoBlog 04 Jan 2010

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In my excitement to document every process for my darling, I had to do a night shoot for her.  With a Nokia hp as light and video cam in hand, these are the results.  Pretty self explanatory:

Master Bedroom’s New Switch

2nd Bedroom’s Wiring

Bedroom Foyer

Kitchen Ceiling Hidden Light Wiring

Kitchen Window Plaster Ceiling Crack

Kitchen Tiles switches and Oven Switch

The rest are in my youtube channel. Be there, or be square.


Frog to Prince 04 Jan 2010

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OMG !!! What have they done to our house ?!!!

That was the first expression I made to my fiance when he first showed me the pictures 2 days ago… I was joking of course.

I already expected the knocking and all… but to see it for real.. its still quite shocking to me… sends a chill down my spine.. “what if we get it wrong?? … that looks like reeeeally permanent !!!”

So day 2 of destruction week continues … and here they are …


Aptly, the condo is facing its frog to prince phase.  It’s smooth white skin is being badgered with holes and trunking for electricity and lighting points.  After the transformation, it’s expected to shine.  Photo documentation for the works so far.


The HACK has begun

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Bring in the jack hammer, call in the cranes…. the renovation has begun at 09-17.  I’ll try my best to document the frog to prince transformation of the unit.

Here’s the Video log.

09-17 DB Box to Foyer

Kitchen Area

The Mysterious RED AND BLACK Wires (running from left side of the mirror wall to the entrance of the bedrooms)

2nd Bedroom

There’s also a handful of pictures, but I really should get back to work.


Cool hacks…

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Spice up the Perdana Coffee Table

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This is a great idea to spice up the ugly looking Perdana Coffee Table



step5 closeup